An email to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

I sent an email to Tim Cook today expressing some thoughts on their media events, and why I think the events should be streamed live to Apple Stores. Hopefully this will be read by someone and considered!

From: Logan Sease
Subject: Stream media events to Apple Stores, feed the customer / brand connection
Date: September 9, 2012 10:23:23 AM EDT

Tim and / or Staff,

I hope this email finds you well. As another big Apple media event approaches this week, myself and millions of avid Apple fans around the globe are extremely excited to see what you are set to unveil. I find myself, again, wishing that I could be present at this media event to see the unfolding first hand. I know, however, that I this will not happen and instead I will be following various feeds on twitter to decipher the comments of bloggers and piece the event together in my head.

I picture a different circumstance in my head, however and would like to present this vision to you in hopes that it may become reality.

I picture driving to my local Apple store in Charleston SC on Wednesday morning to join the community of Apple enthusiasts in my area who are also excited to watch the unveiling. We arrive at the Apple store and are able to watch the event on a TV set from a live feed. This is after all, the unveiling of Apples best product ever. It is a monumental event. We’ll all be excited to actually see Tim strut on stage and demo these new products and we’ll feel an even greater connection to the Apple Brand, and to our local Apple store. Afterwards, we will probably all want to place our pre-orders for the new product if its available. If not, we’ll be so excited about Apple that I’m sure everyone will be purchasing something as a momento of our enthusiasm.

It blows my mind to hear that even store employees are unable to watch or listen to any coverage of the event. A friend of mine who works at the store tells me he once got in trouble for trying to monitor the blogs for announcements of the iPad 2 during its media event. I strongly believe that reversing this current mindset would be a win / win for both the customer and the brand. I seriously hope you will consider it for your next big media event.

Thank you,

-Logan Sease
Apple Developer and Enthusiast.



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