Inventory Now

Inventory Tracking... simplified.

Inventory Now (Formerly ‘Inventory Tracker’) is designed to help retailers track their inventory through the product life cycle.

It is designed as a lightweight replacement for or a supplement to a high end Point of Sale System.

Having trouble editing your exports and re-importing them? See This post.


Inventory Now helps you view a snapshot of all of your inventory. When you buy new inventory, you tell the app about it. As your products get received, sold, shipped and delivered, you mark them as so within the app. This lets you, at any time, see an overview of your inventory and the number of items that are in a particular status.

This means you can see and track what you have for sale, what you have sold in the past and what you need to ship out. You can see a summary of everything you have sold and bought and track your profits and profit margins with ease.


★ Easy Overview ★
The overview screen provides a high level view of all your inventory on one screen and shows all the information you care about. You can sort, filter and search with ease.

★ Product Details You Care About ★
We stay light weight by only including the most necessary data about your inventory. This includes: date, category, name, barcode, location and a freeform Notes field for anything else.

★ PayPal Here integration! (new in 4.1) ★
Now, with Paypal Here integration, Inventory Now can become your lightweight Point of sale System. When you sell something, just press the paypal checkout button and you’ll be redirected to Paypal Now where you can process the order with the paypal card reader, or even the customer’s card with the camera.

★ Unit Pricing ★
Enter a unit cost and unit sale price and as you buy or sell items, the app will already know how much you paid or received. Unit prices can be entered or calculated automatically.

★ Barcodes ★
Use the barcode scanner to instantly pull an item up and tell the app what you’d like to do it.
If you have an external scanner, just scan the barcode into the search bar.
Scan an item for the first time and it will create a new item for you.

★ Pictures ★
Take a picture of the item so you can have a visual overview from the summary screen.

★ Multi-User Sync ★
For a small cost (starting at $2.99 / month), you can keep your data in sync across all your devices for any number of users. Change an item on one device and it’ll update on all your other devices automatically!

★ Import and Export ★
Import your inventory data from a spreadsheet.
Export your inventory to a spreadsheet to keep it backed up or move to a new device.

★ Customized Quick Filters ★
Create Quick Filters to quickly view a specific subset of your inventory that you are interested in, like a particular category or status. Apply these filters easily from the main screen to see what is important to you.
Filter by status, name, category, location and/or date.

★ Customization ★
This app supports the product life cycle of Bought -> Received -> Sold -> Shipped -> Delivered, however you can turn on or off any of these states in the lifecycle if you do not use them.
Use a setting to tell the app if you allow back-orders.
With an auto-complete settings, you can decide if you want the app to mark your items as completed for you when everything you’ve bought has been sold and shipped, or if you’d rather determine this yourself?

★ Simple Reporting ★
See a summary of how much inventory you have on hand, your profits, profit margins, accumulated profits (excludes the costs of items that are still on hand), and more. Use your quick filters to view a report for a particular type of inventory or date range.

★ Great Customer Support ★
I take pride in my ability to effectively communicate with customers and users of my my app. I strive to deliver a great product and try my best to keep everyone fully satisfied with this app.
As a seller myself, I use this program and have made it very intuitive and easy to use, while making sure it is very useful.

For support, email me at I check this email constantly and will do my best to get back with you asap. I check the facebook comments below much less frequently.