What's new from WWDC 2013

The short and sweet: iOS 7, releasing this fall – focus on simplification and design – “a whole new direction”, “a new beginning” – can’t even describe all the new changes. You won’t recognize your phone after you update, but it is awesome! – Today screen – multitasking redesign – call and message blocking –

My Results with Various Ad Networks: Revmob, Admob, iAd, Adcolony, Chartboost, AppLovin, AppFlurry and PlayHaven / Upsight, StartApp

Generating revenue from free applications is difficult. One great way to do this, aside from In App Purchases, is advertising. Advertising not only helps to generate revenue directly, but it can also serve as a constant reminder for your users that they should upgrade to a paid version of your app. The annoyance should be