DailyAppShow.com- should you use them? My review.

In an effort to promote my newest game, unFed unDead! I am reaching out to several different review sites. To help other developers, I am sharing my experience with each to help others evaluate how they should promote their own games.

DailyAppShow.com is the second paid site I have used for a paid video review. Their take is that they do not want to weave their opinions into their video and instead, they just provide a video ‘Demo’ of the app and let viewers make up their own minds.

The video they created for me was of decent quality. The reviewer took a little bit of time to become familiar with my game. I submitted review notes that asked the reviewer to be sure he mentioned specific points of my game, to earn two stars on a single level and to use a backwards swipe in the video demo. The user followed most of my requests, although there were some points that he did not mention and he did not demo the specific levels I requested. Their video took about 4 days and they even emailed me a few days in advance to let me know exactly when I could expect the review to be up on their site. I was happy to see that I was set to be featured on a friday.

As for the video content, I was very unimpressed. The first thing that erked me is that as soon as the video started, the first thing the reviewer did was go into my app settings and start talking about my settings… settings? Really? This is the most boring part of any app or game. During the first 15 seconds or so of any presentation is when the viewers’ attention is very fragile and thus you need to spend those first 15 seconds getting them excited— not showing them settings. Further, the reviewer continued with an extremely basic and bland demo… “If I do this then I do this.” There was NO excitement and really all the reviewer did was to play a single level and talk about what was happening.

I emailed my contacts at the DailyAppShow to give them my feedback on the video. After a few days, I heard back from them was was provided with an updated video that better met my expectations. The revised video did a much better job of capturing the key points of my game and capturing the viewer’s attention by showcasing exciting elements of the game. For this I applaud them and shall hope that they will keep my feedback in mind for future clients.

As far as promotion, a search on Twitter reveals that they do have several accounts with a good audience set up to tweet out their videos to interested followers. The YouTube video posted got about 200 views in the first 3 days.

As for return on investment. During the first day of the review running, my free app downloads actually went down 50 downloads from the previous weekend to about 75 and my paid downloads were about even at 4 paid downloads. Through the weekend, the numbers were similar and I also did not see a spike in downloads.

Overall, I think that this is a good site. I think that they strive to make professional video content for developers. At about $80 for a video demo, their pricing is definitely reasonable, although not exceptional. They are definitely useful if you are a small developer looking to get a nice demo done for you to use in your promotions. If you are looking for a site that will promote you directly, bringing you a spike in downloads and therefore a direct ROI, my personal experience was that this is not it.

Find the video here:



  • 1352223186
    5 / 8 / 2013

    I’ve requested a demo for my application Feb 25 2013 and haven’t received any videos till now.
    Also I’ve tried contacting DailyAppShow and haven’t received any response. Just awesome service.

    1352223186 5 / 8 / 2013
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