Facebook Advertising with AdChill / TooChill- Possible Scam?

I was recently contacted by John of TooChill.in, also associated with AdChill and MarketersFund.com. He reached out via email about facebook advertising campaign management with high promises and convinced me I should hire him to run some ads. That decision proved to be a bad one and my experience with this ad “agency” or whatever it is was a quite poor one. This article is a recap of the experience and will hopefully save you some money.

1- First John Reached out over email with the basic email equivalent of a cold call, which should have been a red flag. But never-the-less I figured I’d at least listen to what he had to say. On our call, what he had to say made sense– he was going to run facebook ads and find that sweet spot for me where my cost per install was less than the amount of revenue that each install generated on average, giving me the ability to “print money”. Of course this sounds too good to be true, but man it would be nice huh?

2- AdChill’s services cost $5000 / month he said and usually he runs an ad spend of at least $1000 / day. He claimed he had “Cracked” and was “Really good” at facebook ads and estimated I could achieve a CPI of 10 cents. For me, he’d come down to $1500 for a month and could work with $100 per day or less as needed. I agreed and we moved ahead.

3- John asked for some marketing materials and I sent him what I had. A few videos- including a tutorial and link to my app store listing where I have app previews and screenshots all ready to go.

4- John put some ads together for me and started running ads. He put together about 15 different ads targetted at different audiences and we ran them for about 4 days at $100 / day.

5- At day 5, after I had spent about $400 for roughly 15 installs, I started to get a little concerned. A $20-30 CPI is just terrible and I of course wondered what the heck was going on that I was paying an ‘expert’ who thought this was acceptable. After I asked him he told me it was normal… ads usually start out at a high CPI and then get better.

6- After another few days or so, I started to get worried. It had been a week and we had made no progress towards an effective ad campaign. Perhaps my app just wasn’t a good fit for his services and maybe he should focus on a different one, I offered. He responding by saying that he’d be happy to if I would send him more money to run a second campaign for the other app. Not what I was looking for… why would I pay for a second unsuccessful campaign when he was failing so terribly at the first?

7- After another day or so of high ad spends with no results I started looking into the ads myself. The ads were terrible– he literally had been using a 15 minute app demo video of my app as the advertisement, the copy was not exciting, he didn’t even use thumbnails on the video. It was no surprise to me that no one was paying any attention to the ad. John told me to be patient, getting down to an acceptable $3-5 cpi could take several months, he said.

8- So, I wanted to see what I could do on my own. I put together a facebook ad campaign on my own. I pulled my app previews and read everything I could about how to make good facebook ads and made the best ad I could. I launched it and ran it for a week. That ad, which took me 3 hours to do ran at a $3-4 CPI. So what John claimed would take months, I did in 3 hours… hmmm…….

9- This was upsetting, but perhaps John just isn’t good at putting together the copy. Maybe he just knows targetting but doesn’t have the attention to detail required to put together good ads. So I compared my ads to his and put together a list of what I did in my ads to achieve a $3 CPI and requested that he followed those guidelines when creating his ads. These were things like limiting the video to 15 seconds, setting a max CPI on the ad, using a thumbnail, setting the identity to my page to improve how the app icon would look, stuff like that.

10- John created a new campaign based on my requests and ran them. I told John I’d try to be more hands off from here on out, now that I had given him a good baseline to run off of. These ads were better but they were still high, like $5-6 CPI. So after another week (week 3 out of 4), I again looked at the ads and realized he hadn’t done the stuff I requested. There were still no thumbnails on the videos, and he wasn’t using the right videos. He was using 30 second videos, which don’t allow you to use in-stream video ads which were my most effective ads. ERG! So at this point, I just started changing his ads instead of trying to explain all this again.

11- John put another set of ads together. And again, he only listened to about half of what I asked. And again the ads were not successful. They were about $3-4 CPIs. Slightly worse than the ones I put together myself. I asked John to change the ads again with the requests I originally sent.

12- After a few days John sent me a message. Our month was up. It was great working with you. Good luck.

13- Complete BS. I told him I was not happy- we had spent a whole month and a whole lot of money and he failed to deliver an ad campaign that was as good and generated a lower cost per install than the one I quickly put together myself. I requested he stay at it until he provided something of value or refund my money. He declined to do either. He told me I had been controlling and a nightmare to deal with. The stress of having me correct his ads was just too much for him to handle. Wow… real professional bro. Way to manage clients.

Conclusion… I’m not sure if I just got completely scammed or if this guy is just really bad at his job. But either way, if you are thinking about using this ad service- I strongly recommend you stay away, as the results delivered did not meet my expectations.

Below is the entirety of the communication I had with John… just in case you want to judge for yourself. Completely unedited.

<pre class="p1">john [2:27 PM] We are live!! :beers: I set up 2 campaigns with about 18 ad sets in each targeting different small business vendors - all 25-44 years old. with 2 different videos. This week i will be testing a ton of different things to see how low I can get the CPI. Please keep an eye on the trials that come in. I will keep the daily budget at $100 or less. Question- Are purchase events implemented into FB so I can see when a purchase comes through? Pumped to get this live & will reach out to schedule a call for next week after I have some data back. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[4:16 PM] Hey- Looking at those ads- I think you should avoid using the 20 minute long demo video for the app in your ads The app previews are short, digestible videos that are designed to showcase a specific use case. That demo video is not good for an advertisement “purchase events implemented into FB”--- do have any more details on what I need to do to support this? I integrated the SDK, but that is all. I haven’t found any documentation on what I’m supposed to do to track app installs I note that I haven’t really gotten any new trials though since you’ve started and I see pretty high cost per impressions--- above $30 for 1k impressions I think. That seems crazy high @john john [4:42 PM] Hey man, yeah this app is proving a bit tougher to buy for on FB -- I am going to have to do more hyper targeting. That being said, I have spent barely anything yet to get data. Reason I did the 20 minute video is to see who watches a couple minutes of them and I can re-target them with App install ads. Do you have apple search ads set up for this already? Thats great for niche apps. john [4:47 PM] Still have a lot of testing in store for this month. As far as fb purchases its just an event that you fire off when the user starts a free trial logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[4:50 PM] MPEG 4 Video preview-checkout.mp4 35 MB MPEG 4 Video — Click to download MPEG 4 Video preview-lifecycle.mp4 35 MB MPEG 4 Video — Click to download MPEG 4 Video preview-barcode.mp4 37 MB MPEG 4 Video — Click to download Here are the previews exported. I’ll see what I can figure out on the facebook side and get that done. I do have appstore search ads set up for this already. Thanks man- hope we can find something that works john [5:02 PM] Sweet thanks for these, Im going to set up a test with them too. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[5:21 PM] Under the facebook events console, I see a ‘purchases’ event already running. I’d be pretty sure that is already tracking the trials Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 5.21.22 PM.png john [5:59 PM] Yep thats it! perfect. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[12:25 PM] hey john- just checking in. I see we got our first few installs through the ads. Super cool Update on conversion numbers… the last 7 days $388 / 197 new opens = $1.96 per user! and retention rate at 90%, Intro conversion 83% though I guess if you factor in the conversion numbers on the above it’d be $388 x .83 / 197 = $1.63<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>per user logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[12:36 PM] though we can always factor in the 90% retention ratio and call it 1.63 * 1.9 = $3.09 after 5 weeks, so not too shabby if you factor that in (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:01 PM] but that is actually not right at all now that I think about it. I have definitely not gotta $388 worth of subs in the last week. I only have $567 worth of monthly subs total. Perhaps that is counting renewals but still seems high. john [2:06 PM] Hey man! Thanks for the update. Awesome to hear we have a tentative # to go after $3.09 value in 5 weeks is great and I assume they will stick around much longer than just 5 weeks so it is only up from there. From my side i'm still in the testing phase and would like to get this dialed in to $2 or less CPI so you can make your money back quick on each install. Thanks for those new videos, they are definitely doing better, will keep zeroing on audiences etc. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:05 PM] Hey John. How are you feeling about things so far? This is my first time experimenting with this, so I may be wrong but it doesn’t seem to be going well so far. If you are starting to feel that we may not be able get results, perhaps we could try one of my other non subscription apps? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[6:01 PM] @john would really like to hear your thoughts. I don’t think that paying $20-40 / install is a very good strategy logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[9:52 AM] @john Can we catch up today on this please. john [10:50 AM] Hey @logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>just getting into the office (pst) Still in the testing phase which can take a while. Overall, I think we need better creatives as thats the #1 thing that catches people's eye. Do you have any others? Testing can take a month or more to really hone in on what your audience likes.<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>Some accounts may start at this crazy high $20 cpi but since I am always testing new elements it's going to go down and down. FB is not automatic or fast *until* we get the perfect combo of audience + creative + copy (edited) I am most bullish on subscription apps & would like to keep working on inventory, but would be happy to test one of your apps as well. Which one are you thinking? I can send an invoice over and get the new camp set up this week for that one as well What is a profitable CPI you would like to see? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:33 AM] okay- I’ll remain patient if you think this is all fine and normal. I just was worried that it didn’t seem to be working out and I was burning money I really don’t want to just throw away $100 / day unless there is some specific purpose for doing it… ie, if you are running some test or something that is going to help make this better. as far as other apps- I don’t have money to throw away on another app- I was suggesting that if we are not going to be successful with this one we should transition to another--- not that I would like to order a services for a second app if this campaign is a failure A profitable CPI would be in the $2-3 range at most- and you had suggested that you had ‘cracked’ facebook cpi and could get installs at 50 cents, so I’d like to see something a lot closer to that. It is definitely not in my interest to be spending $20 per install, that is just a waste john [11:39 AM] Totally understand that. To give an example, most of my apps and clients will start at high numbers like $10-$20 but over the course of a couple of months that gets driven down to our targets Just takes time logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:42 AM] Okay- well hopefully we can do better than over a few months- I am a small developer and can’t throw away thousands of dollars / month--- I can if you can increase my revenue stream to thousands of dollars / month- but as I mentioned, I’m bringing in only about $500 currently so I was hoping we can get this to something profitable in 1 month I agree that we can get better cpis with better ads- right now they are nothing special. I had assumed you would handle this, but if I need to try to put something together I can john [11:44 AM] Are the trials converting at the higher price? May want to think about raising those prices again. I dont want to over spend what you are making, do you want me to test with a lower daily budget? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:45 AM] yes- if we can do that and still be effective, I’d much rather do that john [11:46 AM] ok cool, ill scale the testing back what amount will feel better? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:47 AM] trials are somewhat converting, but growth has generally stagnated. I feel I am at the top of what I charge for my market and do not think raising prices any further will be effective john [11:47 AM] ^^ is that proven? just throwing it out there because I charge 5x what i *think* my market will accept and they dont mind. (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:49 AM] no, its not proven-- what are you charging for your app and what does it do? just curious john [11:49 AM] 60/month for a game logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:49 AM] subscription for a game? wow- can you send a link john [11:50 AM] Yeah we add a bunch of new content each month logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:50 AM] oh cool john [11:50 AM] And just overload them with value. but you're targeting business owners and keeping track of their inventory is absolutely essential. Just dont want to see you undervalue your service logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:56 AM] yeah- maybe I could try raising it again-- I know that in general there are more professional services that I have to compete against if I raise it too high and my app is still missing some key feature to help it compete in that range. But-- regardless of a price raise, we would still need to get CPIs way down from where they are now to make it help any. Because I know my conversion rate isn’t nearly high enough for the high cpi (edited) john [11:57 AM] Makes sense! working my way to $2-3 cpi. have a great day! logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:58 AM] okay- cool. thanks john. If you need anything from me, please let me know. I don’t have any other creatives on hand, but I can try to put them together if needed logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[8:59 AM] hey john- I thought you were going to tone down the $ we are throwing away at these ads that aren’t working. I can’t spend $100 a day when these ads are clearly not getting installs and I don’t understand what experiments need to be done. I’d like to talk about this to get a better understanding of what is going on- right now it feels like I am throwing money away I’ve paused the ad campaigns until I have a better grasp on what is going on john [9:24 AM] hey logan, let me know how much you'd like to spend/day and i'll stick to that logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[12:22 PM] Can you please give me a call when available, except from 1pm-3pm EST want to talk about what this strategy is, I’m failing to see how it is providing any value john [1:15 PM] Will do! Whats a good #? john [1:59 PM] You can just book here: https://calendly.com/adchill/adchill-demo john [2:08 PM] To give you a bit more clarity -- Essentially, my process works like this: 1. Start the campaign with your creative & audience suggestions. Get baseline results. (1-2 weeks) 2. Create New Lookalike Audiences to test against baseline (1-2 weeks) 3. Create new videos to test against control (1-2 weeks) 4. Create new copy/selling point angle ads (1-2 weeks) 5. Rinse & repeat until we hit our CPI goal. This goes on forever and every week we will see improvements. I'm getting the feeling you aren't interested in testing ads this way due to the lack of testing capital. Let me know how you'd like to proceed. Still happy to jump on a call to answer any questions you have and to strategize where you want to go from here. That being said, if we decide to continue to move forward we need to decide on a strict daily budget that you are ok with *losing* per day in order to drive the CPIs under $3. As mentioned, I typically don't take clients on at anything under 5k/month as you can see there is a lot that goes in to testing but I really want to help you grow this to more than a 1 person operation & I hope that you've already seen a nice boost with the increase of subscription price. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[3:52 PM] Hey John- so my problem with this, is the goal as I saw it, is that we were going to aim to hit 1000 subscribers within the budget that I had allotted, $1500 to pay for you for a month + $3000, which would be $100 / day for a month. And so far, it does not seem like it is going to get anywhere near there since we’ve spent about 1/6 of that budget and gotten about 15 installs max-- which maybe 1 or 2 of those converted if I had to guess. My subscriber base hasn’t really increased and I haven’t seen much of a boost from increasing the prices-- I have seen lower subscription rates and higher drop offs, which maybe even out overall, but there hasn’t been a big gain. What I don’t want to do is spend the entire budget of 4500 that I had planned and not get a notable increase in subscribers or revenue, which seems to be where we are headed. The problems I’m seeing are that: 1- we know that the ads that we have right now are not engaging, high quality ads. Why continue to spend $100 / day to test them for a week or two to prove that they are not converting when we already know the ads need to be improved. 2- these experiments are running on like a $50 / thousand impression or a $50 ecpm. As an advertiser, I typically get paid about $2-4 per ecpm, so I find the fact that we are paying those rates crazy. There is no way we are going to be profitable spending that high. I don’t know if its because of how the ads are set up or what, but there seems to be something wrong with that in my eyes. 3- targetting $3-4 cpi… its a decent target, but you had said you thought you could get 50 cent cpis. and I am currently paying about $3-4 cpi on apple’s search ads, so while this could be neat… it won’t be a huge achievement to hit and I certainly don’t think its worth spending several thousands of dollars trying to hit it My thoughts are--- I’d like you to look at our ad strategy- can we stop all the testing and just create some high quality ads, and hopefully change the way we are bidding so we aren’t paying an astromical rate If the idea that we can hit 1k subscribers, or even 400 subscribers (up from 100 currently) with the budget that I have laid out (another 2600 ad spend) is not achievable, then either I misunderstood why we were working together, or what you were selling was misrepresented or this particular app is just too niche for your methods to be effective. And if either of those seem to be the case, then I’d like to pay you for the work you have done so far and be refunded the rest so that I can find a better way to use that advertising budget. (edited) john [5:16 PM] I’m 100% certain we can get to $.50 But it’s going to take months, not days. I’m happy to test new creatives, just send them my way. If you don’t have others, I can do some tricks to make the current ones convert better Of course 2-3 CPI is goal #1 you mentioned yesterday Definitely take fault in this, it seems expectations were not set clearly. I didn’t know it wasn’t clear it is a testing process. I’m happy to part ways if you’re not able to handle the testing. Just let me know, I was in this to scale this to hundreds of thousands per month but in no means will that take 11 days. That being said, I heavily discounted my services for you as we discussed a % base after month 1. Setting up the campaigns and testing I’ve done already has far passed the $1.5k fee but will happily continue testing for the rest of the month as that’s what we agreed upon john [5:38 PM] Let me know how you’d like to proceed. I really like you from the conversations we’ve had and believe in your app. We can definitely hit your goals but it will take atleast $50/day in testing if you want it faster. We can go lower on the daily but it’ll just take longer as I won’t be able to run as many tests & our fee won’t really make sense for you. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[8:47 PM] alright- well, now that the air is cleared a bit- let’s plan a call tomorrow to figure out a strategy. If you think we can reach that goal of even 300 subscribers with that budget, I’d like to try it. Part of it is that I don’t really get what it is that you’re doing with ‘testing’, so that makes it tough for me to justify, so let’s talk through that a little bit I’ll see if I can put together some better looking ads tonight too to hopefully help things further. john [9:06 PM] I can't guarantee 300 subs by the end of the month with this budget. Testing comes down to testing different lookalikes, creatives & copy. (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:53 PM] Alright- I’ve spent the night working on some ads of my own, mainly so I could play with the different creative types and come up with specifics on what I think needs to be changed on these ads. They are pretty bad as is. When I preview the ads in my mobile feed, the videos don’t even have a thumbnail for example, so there is just a big white empty ad with a play button. Its not a surprise that the CPIs are super high. Here are some specific action items I’d like you to try to take when running any further ads: - always set a thumbnail for the videos to something relevant to the video - I’ve uploaded accelerated version of all the preview videos, so they are now 15 seconds each instead of 30. Please use these shorter, to the point videos - Please avoid saying “Free today only” I get that you are trying to get users to act, but this is actually misleading since it is not a free product. Please use Try it Free Today, or something along those lines instead. - using the bullet points from my app description doesn’t translate to the smaller ad format. Please use the bullets from my ads, or a condensed version of them instead. I know this is a small detail, but use a more subtle checkmark like this one: :heavy_check_mark: instead of the big green blocks - I’ve also added some better headlines and text copy to the ads in my ad group. Please visit some of that for suggestions for improvements. - Try using a carousel with a few of the app screenshots and a video rather than all videos. - associate the ad with the Inventory Now app page and select to ‘use this page as your ads identity’ so that the app name up top loses the “inventory tracker” subtitle and shows a cleaner version of the icon. - please change our bid scheme. My biggest problem with this is how you’re selecting the option to let facebook charge whatever they want. I’d like to place some actual bids and set install caps or install targets of $5. I’m going to try running my ads for a day or two just to see how they do- but please consider the feedback above and hopefully we can start testing with more effective ads. (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[12:03 AM] shorter app previews and screens Zip assets.zip 79 MB Zip — Click to download john [11:20 AM] Yes sir. I will follow your instructions above. Just let me know when you'd like me to start testing again as I see you've set up a $50/day camp. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[3:32 PM] okay- I want to give the ads I set up a few days to run to get a good baseline. Let’s give it till friday and if the results continue to look good you can use those creatives and targets as a starting point to narrow down logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[4:14 PM] If you could work on getting your campaigns set with the new creative in the meantime, that would be super helpful so we are ready to start running the ads friday. john [12:03 PM] Sounds good! john [2:20 PM] just ping me when you want me to launch them. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[7:07 PM] Okay. I’ve gotten 25 ads now at about $5 CPI. So let’s use this as a baseline. Please set a max CPI bid of $5. If we aren’t achieving that, we should not be spending money. Please base your new ads off of my creatives in the group “us-22+”. Note the most effective ad type by far is in stream video (requires 15 seconds or less) and my CPI is $1.75 for those ads with 13 conversions. I’d say “go launch” but I don’t see you have made any changes to your ad campaigns. Id like to see those and review your ads before you relaunch. john [12:15 PM] Awesome. Will be back in the office monday & will get them launched. I use Adchill not ads manager so you can't see campaigns until I click the launch button. I will launch them, and then pause them immediately so you can do your review. john [1:04 PM] I need access to the page to run with page as actor. this will not affect performance though, as the page it actually shows is your app (not page) even though it shows in the preview. also need instagram page access. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[1:09 PM] yeah- it just makes the ads look better because we can specify a specific icon that doesn’t get cropped out will add you though added john [1:16 PM] ok john [1:22 PM] did you share the inventory now page too? (edited) got the ig john [1:39 PM] I've launched 45 tests going live over the next few days at small budgets of 2.23 each so it should spend much. Trying to keep the spend to $30 or less per day. Thanks for all of the new Copy Ideas, testing a bunch of those to see what does best. This is exactly what i need from your side as you are the expert on the inventory side I used all of your ad specifications above & the same from your past camp (most of which i would *never* use) Once you send me the fb page I can apply it to all. I will put the campaign as OFF for now. Switch it on once you've approved it. I will let these launch over the week on their specified dates, and will kill losers each day (anything over $4 CPI or different if you want) By the end of the week we will be left with the absolute best ad sets out of your new videos & copy. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:35 PM] right on- is there anything specific that you don’t like in those specifications-- if so, please let me know and maybe we can change it--- Those were just my ideas to make the ads look much better- and they ended up getting a decent CPI-- if you have suggestions to improve, i’m not saying we shouldn’t do it logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:36 PM] any idea why I can’t see those ads- they all show this screen when trying to preview Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 2.32.30 PM.png john [2:37 PM] weird, im not sure maybe if i launch them live you will then be able to see them they are all from your vids and wording so they should be ok logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:42 PM] k- well go ahead and run them. I’ll go back to letting you do your thing. Hopefully the previous period was just a result of me not giving you all the tools you needed- and hopefully my ad trial gave you that. I ended up with 65 installs at $4.25 cpi, which is far from the goal- but hopefully you can also see why I was freaking out about $25 cpis and you telling me it would take months to achieve $4 (edited) john [2:44 PM] yes ok - will launch them. feel free to run your own as well. Please give me the following 1. CPI goal 2. max spend per day logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:46 PM] CPI goal-- 50 cents (that’s the long term goal) john [2:46 PM] perfect logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:47 PM] max acceptable CPI $5 max spend per day, $30-50 i’m shutting my ads off in order to avoid overusing budget. I am also running search ads, which are at around $3-4 CPIs john [2:48 PM] so max spend 50/day or 30? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:48 PM] I’d prefer 30, if you need it 50 is okay john [2:48 PM] ok will stick to 30 have a great week. will be in touch logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:49 PM] k- as we get to better CPIs we can increase. Thanks john logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[7:04 PM] Can you go through your ads and add placeholders for the videos. Without a place holder it is a big black box when it isn’t playing. Where are we after running tests this week? logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[1:30 AM] I spent about 3 hours going through all of these ads. Three things that I had asked that were important that didn’t get done: 1- always setting thumbnails for videos. The ads look bad without thumbnails. 2- Setting the ad identity to my facebook page. The difference is below. The ads look much better with that change 3- the *preview-checkout* video, you are still using the 30 second version instead of the short 15 second version. The 15 second version is important because it allows for in-stream videos that I have found to be the most effective form of ads Before setting the identity- see the icon and the subtitle Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.13.05 AM.png After setting identity- much cleaner Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.48 AM.png john [11:21 AM] Hi Logan, Got it! Sorry for the late reply & not changing the things requested. I typically don't work on accounts over the weekend, just kill off losing ads daily :slightly_smiling_face: Quick question: How much time and money have you spent on fb ads in your lifetime? 1- I will remove the thumbnails but they are *very important* as your videos have 20%+ text showing in the video which is against FB's policies and will drive more expensive conversions. 2- Looks like you've done this already, thanks. That being said every time ads are changed the optimization is started over so please *try* to refrain from touching my campaigns. I'm staying under the $50 a day so your are comfortable but can't do my job efficiently while being micro managed. 3- Just using the videos you sent. In the last Asset pack above it has the attached video. Maybe resend the assets pack but change the name of the file to 'Assets-new' or something. In this final week, I am going to be scaling out to new lookalike audiences & test new placements that work best for me. I was going to make some new videos off the ones you sent with just some small tweaks & text above & under to increase the CTR. I've decided i'm *not* going to do that as I think you are very meticulous, which is good, so please send me new creatives you'd like to test. Anything else you'd like to test? I'm going to let the campaign I set up keep going at low budgets. It's looking really good with CPIs under $2.50. It doesn't look great at a campaign level bc I was testing so much but it has some winners in it. I am even more optimistic about inventory now. $.50 CPI is in sights! Have a great sunday :slightly_smiling_face: (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:47 PM] Hey John--- On the thumbnails, Yeah I changed all the ads to use thumbnails with applicable images from the video rather than the black block. I know that facebook has their policy about % of text, but they make exceptions. For each of these ads I just checked a box to request them to manually review the ad and they approved them. So please try to set this up from now on. Sorry to micro manage. While it may seem that way, the thing is I just don’t want to waste money running ads that aren’t the best they can be. Because its money out of my pocket, it is natural for me to be paying much more attention to detail on this stuff. While the ads you had set up were running at about a $5 average ECPM, since I made those changes last night, today we have 11 installs at closer to a $2 average. And also consider that your ads were burning at $20 and my ads got us to $5 in about 3 hours, so I do think that the attention to detail here is very worth it. So, I will try not to touch your ads, but please try to take note of the specific requests I’ve made with regard to the ad copy. I had previously had both of these items on my list and would rather spend time and make the ads right then spend to run ads that are sub-par. On the videos, all are now saved to the account, they are “App Preview 2”, “barcode-short” and “lifecycle-short” (or something along those lines) the big thing here is that if it is longer than 15 seconds, do not run it as it is not an effective ad. So you should have 3 videos that meet these requirements. If you do not let me know (edited) logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[2:55 PM] In the new ads you have set up, you are using the thumbnails, but you still have not checked the box to use Inventory Now’s Page identity instead of the app. See my previous message with screenshots on how to do this and why. (edited) And also, in addition to the two videos you are using, see this one as well. I think this is probably the best video out of the 3 MPEG 4 Video App Preview-short.mp4 5 MB MPEG 4 Video — Click to download Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 12.12.48 AM.png logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[3:14 PM] To answer the question of how much money and time have I spent on facebook ads. I know it is no where near what you have managed. But hopefully you can see that from my viewpoint, I haven’t<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>seen your expertise shine yet as none of the campaigns that have run have brought any success and my subscriber base is still the same as it was a month ago. It seems to me that what is missing from your side is attention to detail in the ad copy, which I am trying my best to improve. Hopefully this week will bring some results. Thanks logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[8:15 AM] ugh- I pushed out a bad update yesterday. I need to pull the app from sale until a new update goes live (probably tmrw). I’m going to stop ads until then john [11:27 AM] Got it logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[3:32 PM] app is back up. relaunching ads, but pls see my feedback above on the page identity and the 3rd short video john [3:37 PM] Thanks. Have changed the page as actor & both videos I'm using are under 15 seconds. Have a good day logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[10:01 PM] Awesome- thank you. Could you also incorporate that 3rd video too? I think it is the strongest video of the 3 logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[1:01 AM] I see your new ads are not using in-stream videos for placements. In all the ads that have run in stream videos are by far the most effective. Why aren’t you using them? john [10:06 AM] Because I’m testing news feed only. The other campaign should have in stream john [10:20 AM] I turned it off and will focus on other camp john [11:06 AM] Hey @logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>CPIs are getting better! Hope you like the results and wish you success with your app growth. Hope those subscriptions are converting at the higher amount too! Anyway it looks like our 1 month period is finished & your account has hit a spending limit. Best of luck with growth, I think you have a good base now of fb ad results that you will be able to scale them yourself. Have a great day! logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:09 AM] no, this was a complete waste of money. You charged me $1500 and have delivered nothing. The ads you created and somehow spent a whole month ‘testing’ have a lower CPI than the ones I put together in 3 hours and no, my growth and conversion rates and my user base and revenue as a whole have gone down over the last month, not up. john [11:10 AM] Woah, ok. Sorry about that. logan<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>[11:13 AM] I would appreciate if you would recognize that you have not delivered anything and perhaps continue to try to deliver something of value or refund me john [11:15 AM] Best of luck. One recommendation - treat people with respect. This experience working with you as well has been a nightmare. I have a system that works repeatedly but from the start I was treated very cruel like I didn't know what I was doing.... Results won't come week 1 of anything. This is my fault though, I don't think you are ready for paid ads. It's sad because we've spent hours going back and forth I would usually use on ad work. ps- my campaigns will crush the ones you put on, the reason for high CPIs is because my strategy uses the 80/20 rule. 20% winners/80% losers. So as you can see High CPIs to start and they get lower by the day as I trim the losers and leave winners on. I will leave the winning ads on, look at them, they are all under $2.40 or even 2.20 with some even well under $2. Yours were $3.70 so I think that is quite the improvement. And if I were been treated like a human, we would have scheduled calls instead of verbal assault through slack to go over copy & angles together. I am not going to hold hard feelings, I just can not work with you anymore. (edited) john [11:34 AM] A refund is 100% out of the question. But I want you to feel you got value out of this so I’m happy to monitor your ads for another 30 days. Not create new tests. That being said, I will need to remove you from slack. I can not handle this treatment.</pre>



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