Heroku domain and godaddy

This took me a while to figure out, but it’s really simple. To get a domain (managed by godaddy) working properly with an app hosted at heroku, simply do the following:

1- add the domain to your app settings in heroic. Specifically, add the www.yourdomain.com version of your domain.

2- Go to your godaddy DNS Settings, under “DNS Zone File”. Add a new CNAME (Alias) Record. Point “www” to yourapp.herokuapp.com. Save the individual setting and then make sure you save the new DNS Zone File settings as a whole.

3- Go back to the Settings tab on godaddy and add a forward for the domain. Set this as a Domain Forward, and forward to www.yourdomain.com. Make it a permanent forward and leave it as “Forward only”.

That’s it! Now the naked version of yoour domain i.e. http://yourdomain.com will forward to www.yourdomain.com which will point to your heroku app.



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