iPhone 5 round up, after the media event.

new iPhone 5… ahhh mazing!

These are the basic new specs / features that we saw from the unveiling. This is not including iOS 6 improvements, which we already saw at WWDC.

– 4″ screen,
~20% thinner & lighter,
-4g LTE (faster internet),
-about 2x faster (A6 processor),
-better Wifi performance,
– improved battery.
-3 Mics for better sound.
-720p front facing camera.
-New smaller connector (“lightning”), will include an adapter.
– panoramic picture mode to capture 28mp images.

Priced the same as the 4s.
The iPhone 4 8gb is now free with contract.
4s 16gb for $100.
Shipping sept 21st, preorder sept 14th.



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