Need a web server for your apps? Yes you do. And its easier than you think

I remember back, only a few months ago… It was a constant problem I ran into. I would be contemplating app ideas and the thing that would stop be in my tracks was always “Well, we need a server for that”.

Having a central server for an app is a powerful component. Any type of information based functionality where a user’s data or actions should be viewed by others needs this. Think for example, of an app where you are just telling others about some cool new place you found. The data has to be sent to a server, stored in a database and then have the ability to be accessed by other people using the app.

I used to think this was a huge dilemma. Coming from the government web development world of Java / Struts, the amount of work that it took to create such a web application was pretty intense. I found myself often saying… we can do that app, but to do it- we need a web app, and that web app is going to cost somewhere around 10-20K.

These days are gone. I was hesitant at first to get into Ruby on Rails, but when Jeremie Weldin, the lead developer of unFed unDead! insisted it was magic, I took his word and learned it. All I can say is… wow, Thank you Jeremie! Ruby on Rails is amazing. If you are an app developer and find yourself in a similar situation, please do yourself a favor and learn RoR. You will find that making a web app is way easier than you ever imagined.

This is a highly recommended tutorial to learning RoR. It can be learned many different ways, but chances are if you try a different way, you won’t really “Get” it. I can assure you though, if you follow this, you will. The video tutorial is where its at. Thank you Michael Hartl.

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-Logan Sease
Lead Designer of unFed unDead!



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