a sweet new naming tool

I recently got an email about this new service and it is pretty awesome.

Panabee is great because it helps you figure out how to name your products. It does this by basically inputting two words about your product that will be used as the main two keywords in your title. It then goes crazy with those two words and mixes them into a ton of possible scenarios. The end product is a gigantic list of naming possibilities for your product based on those two words… something that this service does which is AMAZING, is it then cross references all those possibilities with the availability of the .com domain name so you can see at a glace which ones have .com’s available. A quick click and it will pull the domain search up for you on godaddy. It also cross references your domains with available products on the App Store, which is helpful- although there is no guarantee that the name is available just because the product isn’t live yet.

Overall, this is an awesome service. It seems to be free— at least its free to try out, so give it a shot!



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