Whats new from Apple's iPhone 7 Sept 7th, 2016 event.

Tons of new stuff got announced today at Apple’s Media event. It was a big one! Here is a recap:

iPhone 7 has 10 new feature enhancements:

1- New Design: jet black finish. High Gloss, seamless surface… also a matte black- gold, silver, rose gold.

2- Home Button— redesign. Force sensitive, taptic engine, can be used by 3rd party applications.

3- Water and dust resistant

4- Camera: huge advancemenst: 12 MP: optical image stabilization, 50% more light, new faster more efficient sensor, better flash. More powerful image signal processor— detects things and optimizes image. Wide color captures better photos. Better in Low Light. Improved Live Photos.
Also a Much better Front camera – 7MP from 5MP.
The  iPhone 7+ has 2 x 12MP camera lenses. The second lens allows much better Zoom. 2x optical, Up to 10x with software + optical. Allows to zoom with out quality loss.  2 lenses also allows an amazing blurring background depth effect with “portrait” mode.

5- Improved, brighter display

6- Stereo speakers, 2x louder

7- Ear pods. Only over lightning connector. Also includes an adapter. Improve sound quality and power, etc.

8- Wireless: new apple wireless ear pods. “Air Pods” Easy to connect and switch devices. Siri integration. 5 hours of battery life with 24 hr charging case. No Pairing / un pairing. Beats is coming out with line of headphones that also take advantage of similar headphones with same tech.

AirPods are $169 Ship October.

9- Apple Pay- expanding to new countries

10- New a10 fusion processor. 40% faster. 4 cores- 2 of them are high effeciency to extend battery life. 50% faster graphics chip, 2/3 power use. Improved battery life, about 2 hours more than 6s.

No pricing changings. Prices are same as iPhone 6s and 6s+. But doubled all memory configs, 32GB -> 128GB -> 256GB

iPhone 6s and 6s+ will also get base memory upgrades to 32GB and 128GB options.

Pre-Order Sept 9th, Available Sept 16th.

iOS 10. Biggest release ever

— Siri and apps

— machine learning

— Maps redesign with apps

— Home Kit expanded for home automation with new app and integration.

—— Look for “Works with HomeKit” logo.

— Big changes for messages. Bubble effects, full screen effects, stickers, New App in iMessage App Store.

Apple Watch, “Series 2”

—“Swim proof” 50 meters

— similar look

— expand activity labs to determine calorie burn during swimming.

— 50% faster 2x graphic performance

— Built in GPS without phone for working out or apps

— new ceramic finish option

— $369.

– Sick new “Apple watch Nike+” bright yellow and black. Software Focused on running

– Upgrade processor of Apple Watch “Series 1” $269

– Sept 19

– Pokemon Go coming to the watch… before End of Year

WatchOS 3:  Tons of new features and improvements.

— instant launch of apps

— easy to switch watch faces

— new Dock

— more expressive messaging

— activity sharing

— SOS safety for quick 911 call, and emergency contacts


Apple Music

new more intuitive interface for apple music coming in iOS 10. More focus on exclusive content.


Mario is coming to the app store in Nintendo’s new game, Super Mario Run. This is huge for Nintendo and Apple! Coming for the holidays in 2016. Nintendo is embracing the concept of iOS first.


iWork will now feature Real-Time collaboration in all iWork Apps. Similar to google documents. Works across all platforms, even the web.


Apple is stepping up iPads in the schools with ConnectED. Releasing “Everyone Can Code” app, to teach programming Swift to kids. This was demo’ed at WWDC and the app looks very cool. It will be a great way for kids and even adults to learn basic programming skills.






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