What's New from Apple's iPhone Xs Event 9/12/18

Apple unveiled some cool new stuff today at their annual phone centric unveiling event. Here is a quick overview!

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max
– 5.8 inch screen size. Bigger than the 6+ with a smaller form factor.
– the Max offers a 6.5 inch screen (1 inch larger than 6s) with same form factor
– Surgical stainless steel. Gold finish option
– Most durable glass ever and improved water resistance
– Stereo sound with speakers on the top and bottom
– new A12 bionic processor (6.9 billion transistors… whhhhhhatttt?!)
– 6 core CPU and 4 core GPU (2x faster than iphone X)
– Includes neural engine 8  core processor for machine learning and neural networks.
– Provides power for huge focus on Augmented reality and machine learning applications.
–  up to  512 GB storage options
– Lots of improved Camera tech.
– Dual sim support via eSim for second SIM card (china will get two physical sims).
– Improved battery life
– Bluetooth 5.0
– the Xs starts at $1000 – $1250 and Xs Max starts at $1100 – $1450
– Preorder sept 14. Release Sept 21

The new iPhone Xr
– a lower priced iPhone X with a larger screen size
– 6.1 “Liquid Retina” LCD display (vs the OLED on the iphone X)
– an aluminum body
– a single camera system that provides similar photo quality to the iPhone X
–  starting at $750, Release oct 26

Apple Watch Series 4:
– edge to edge display – 30% more screen space
– thinner body
– completely redesigned UI for new screen space
– new digital crown with haptic feedback
– 50% louder volume
– new s4 64 bit processor, 2x faster
– new gyroscope can do things like detect falls and automatically alert emergency services
– new heart rate sensors detect low or irregular heart beats
– new electrode sensors provide  the first over the counter ECG device
– same battery life
– new colors and finishes and cross compatible bands
– Lower price for series 3 watch

Apple also took a minute to highlight their great environmental efforts. This is one thing that separates Apple from the competition:
– Apple is 100% run on renewable energy at all facilities world wide, even their data centers and their campuses.
– Their next goal is to try to eliminate need to mine new materials.
– As a start they  are moving to recycled and bio based plastics.
– Working to use various recycled parts
– Launching the Apple Give Back program, where you send them your device and they sell it for you if they can, or recycle it.




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