What's new from the Apple Media Event Sept 10, 2013 - iPhone 5c 5s

With tons of rumors in the air and lots of mixed info here is a clear cut summary of what was announced today at Apple’s media event— AFTER the event.

iOS 7 launching sept 18th- with iRadio

iWork suite now free!

Launching Sept 20:
iPhone 5c, very similar specs to iPhone 5. Comes in multiple colors, $100 for 16gb model with contract. plastic shell
– comes with a cool custom case for $30- case is steel enforced doubles an an antenna

iPhone 5s- 64bit processor, twice as fast, comes added a white / gold color
– improved motion processor
– improved camera, flash, 720p video, slo-mo
– touch sensor to lock phone, authenticate, $199 for 16gb with contract
– cases for $40

iPhone 4s 8gb model is free with contract



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