What's new from WWDC 2013

The short and sweet:

iOS 7, releasing this fall
– focus on simplification and design
– “a whole new direction”, “a new beginning”
– can’t even describe all the new changes. You won’t recognize your phone after you update, but it is awesome!
– Today screen
– multitasking redesign
– call and message blocking
– share files via airdrop
– live photo filters

New iTunes Radio
– pandora like music streaming service,
– ad supported. Ad Free for iTunes match subscribers

New MacBook airs
– haswell processor down $100 in price and almost twice the battery life.
– 802.11ac — new type of wifi that its 3x faster- you just need a compatible router

new OS X. New version, “Mavericks”
– tabbed finder windows
– tag your files
– enhanced support for multiple displays
– optimizations to help reduce power consumptions
– some neat safari enhancements
– iOS notifications on your desktop
– maps for mac
– auto-updates
– iBooks for mac

New Mac Pros.
– Completely new body design
– WAY more bad ass!
– assembled in the US

– iCloud based, runs in the browser



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