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Party Spots!

"Where's the Party At?"

Update 5/12/15:I’ve pulled this app from the store due to low usage numbers and general interest.

Party Spots! is the great new app to connect you and your friends and answer the never-ending question “Where’s the Party at?”

Party Spots! works by connecting you with your facebook friends. It looks for places around you were 3 or more of your facebook friends are gathering together and marks them on the map. Party Spots! protects your privacy by not telling you WHO exactly is at those spots, but you know that some of your friends are hanging out together there.

But wait, there is more! If you want to, you can give specific users full privileges so that they can see where you are specifically, removing the anonymous grouping mentioned above. You can even do this only temporarily, allowing you friends to find you for only a few hours.

If you want, you can also block all access to particular users and you can even change your default access level to none to block everyone.

Party Spots does not use constant location updates. Rather it uses push notifications and background updates to only get your location every once and a while, preserving your precious battery life!

Party Spots! is changing the way that we socialize. We always want to be where our friends are and now it much easier to be in the same place. All this while protecting your privacy…