Phrase Party!

We’re having a Phrase Party and you’re invited! The #1 ranked Hot Potato Phrase Guessing Party Game on the App Store.

Phrase Party! is the #1 ranked Hot Potato Phrase Guessing Party Game on the App Store.
It is guaranteed to bring even the biggest party poopers come to life and join the fun.
If you like Party Word games like Catch Phrase™, Taboo™, Scattergories™ or Charades then this is the app for you!

Phrase Party! now includes an amazing online, turn based mode that you and your friends are sure to love!

☆ Rated The #3 Application on the App Store by
☆ Rated one of the top 6 iOS Party Games for iPhone by
☆ “It makes the party entertaining and full of life.” —
☆ “Its a great way to get your friends together and have some fun” —

What is Phrase Party?
Phrase Party is a simple but exciting game where you try to describe a phrase that appears on the screen to your teammates by using words, not gestures. You pass the device around until the timer goes off and the person holding the device loses.

Phrase Party! is beautiful, simple to use, super fun and packed with features that other, similar apps can only dream of.

What separates Phrase Party! from the competition?
✓ ONLINE PLAY: Play with your friends online in an amazing turn based, play at your leisure multiplayer mode. Describe as many phrases as you can before the buzzer sounds. Your partner will then try to solve as many of those phrases as he can.

✓ AWESOME PHRASES: Hand picked phrase database of over 10K words and growing from these categories. Choose one category, mix and match, or pick ‘Everything’ to use them all.
– Sports
– Entertainment
– Science
– Places
– Food
– World
– Sayings

✓ EXPANSION PHRASE PACKS: Play with amazing and hilarious expansion categories that you can buy or get for free by earning coins
– Adult
– College
– Vampire Sagas
– Tis the Season
– Tha Streetz
– Blast from the Past: 90’s
– Nerd Alert!
– Star Words
– Stars and Stripes
– Words of the Dead

✓ GAME MODES: Aside from the well known classic mode, there is a Party and a Race mode if you want to change it up.

✓ CUSTOMIZATION: Add your own phrases and phrase categories. Share them with your friends.
Set your timer length, play with up to 4 teams, set team names and more.

✓ GREAT INTERFACE: A clean, beautiful interface that you will feel right at home using.

✓ NO REPEATS: or spelling errors. I promise.

✓ AN AMAZING DEVELOPER: If I do say so myself. I am constantly improving this app and adding new stuff. I strive to provide the best support possible and always answer emails promptly.


Although The rules and game play in Phrase Party!’s classic mode are very similar to that of Catch Phrase™ by Hasbro Inc., Catch Phrase™ is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. This product is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro and should not be confused with their product, Catch Phrase™.

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