Shot Time!

[Shot Time! Has been removed from the App Store because of a partner disagreement. It is for sale if you are interested.]

Are you standing at the bar wondering which shots you should order? Well… think no more! Just shake your phone and we’ll decide for you.

Shot Time! is a great social way for you and your friends to make sure you enjoy your night. Whenever you get bored, just pop open this app and we’ll help make your night more fun! No thinking involved, leave that to us.

If you’re tired of taking the same shots over and over, use Shot Time to get some variety in your life.

★ Shot time comes preloaded with 25 of the most popular shots, by people who know shots.

★ Shots are separated by category / strength. Whether you want something fruity, straight, mixed or even a bomb, just select the category and shake!

★ Click on your cocktail, and we’ll tell you exactly whats in it in a quick format you can easily hollar at your bartender.

★ Completely Customizable! Add your own shots and shot categories. Hide any shots or categories that you don’t like.

★ Easily share the moment with your friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter to tell them all about your awesome round of shots and include your location, so they can come join in!