One More Round

The Interval Timer, reinvented.

The Interval Timer has just been reinvented. One More Round goes above and beyond the conventions of a standard Interval Training Round Timer by offering an amazing user interface that has been designed for iOS 7 from the ground up. This is more than just a timer.

Interval training is a proven way to improve your cardio exercises to reach your goals. This is a perfect app for interval-based training workouts including HIIT, MMA, Tabata, Boxing, Yoga, Crossfit and more!

One More Round offers several timer views which can be changed with a simple swipe, including:
– a full screen, numeric based timer, counting time up or down in your current interval.
– a minimalist timer view.
– a graphic timer that gives you an at a glance view of what you are doing and what is next.
– a workout based timer that shows you the entire workout and where you are within it.
– a music oriented timer view that shows the current playing song and lets you skip back or forward.

One More Round offers the ability to create the most advanced, customizable routines you can think of. Workout templates let you build your routines as simply and quickly as ever.

One More Round comes with several great workout routines preloaded including HIIT routines, circuits, a tabata routine, and B.J. Penn’s classic Crossfit routine “Fight Gone Bad”.

One More Round offers an extensive set of global settings that let you tailor the app to fit your exact needs, including customized speech and music integration. Fitness Trainers everywhere, rejoice!