Tip Advisor

How much do you tip? Who do you tip? So many questions... one app answers them all.

Do you often find yourself asking the question, “How much am I supposed to tip?” or even “Should I tip at all?”

Figuring out who to tip, when and how much can be very difficult if you find yourself in situations that you are not used to. Knowing this information is extremely important though. If you do not take care of people who are expecting to be taken care of, the way that they expect to be taken care of, you find yourself angering a lot of people in the service industry. Since these people take care of you, you should make every effort you can to keep them happy.

This application is a researched guide to help you determine how to much to tip in different situations.

For example, how much do you usually tip the Maitre D’ on a cruise? What should you tip a Skycap at the airport? How much should I tip a chartered bus driver?

Not only does this app provide you with all this info at your finger tips, the app also contains a tip calculator to help figure out how much to tip when you are supposed to tip a percentage of the total bill. You can also figure out how much that is per person if you are splitting the bill amongst several people.

Don’t be a bad tipper! Use this app!

*Note this app is currently only for locations within the United States. The info in this app does not necessarily apply to aboard, however I do plan to add this sort of info in a later version.