If you enjoy party games like Scattergories, you'll love playing ScatterBuddies with your friends online.

ScatterBuddies is the creative, quick thinking, social category party game.

If you like Social Word games like Scattergories™ and Words With Friends™, then you’ll love ScatterBuddies!


Join a game with three other players. Each player takes a turn coming up with answers that start with a particular letter for a set of questions, or categories, such as:
– Someone you’d trust with your life
– A Professional Sports Team
– A game you played as a kid
– Something you’d find in an airport
You must think fast! The clock is ticking.

Next, you vote on each others answers to determine which were valid. You get points based on the number of your valid answers.


– Online Multiplayer –
Play against friends and foes in a turn based, play at your leisure online mode.

– Optional Facebook Integration –
Sign in with Facebook. Find and play with your Facebook Friends.

– No Friends Required –
Don’t have any friends playing yet? Join random games and meet new players.

– Single Player Mode –
See if you can guess the top answers from other users. Get more time when you’re correct. How long can you go!?

– The game is always moving –
Auto-Play mode keeps you constantly engaged by dropping you into games. If players are taking too long to act, your games move on without them.

– Earn Coins, Buy Perks –
Win coins to buy extra time to answer.

– Leaderboards –
View the top weekly and overall players and work your way to the top!

– Loads of Questions –
Large variety of 325+ fun and challenging questions / categories.

– Pass ‘n Play –
Enjoy games with your friends in-person. Just pass the device around and take turns. Any number of players can be included!

– Auto-judgement –
The app is smart enough to use judgments from other games to try to determine if a particular answer is valid, resulting in less work for players!

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Our use of the Trademarks “Scattergories™” and “Words With Friends™” are simply to provide a comparison of game concepts. Scattergories™ is a trade mark of Hasbro Inc, and Words With Friends™ is a trademark of Zynga Inc. This game should not be confused with either of these products and it is in no way endorsed nor affiliated with these companies or products.