unFed unDead!

Transform yourself into a 'Hungry Hungry Zombie' In this Quick-Paced Arcade Thriller.

Hungry for brain? Transform yourself into a ‘Hungry, Hungry Zombie’ in this Frantic Zombie Feeding Frenzy!
unFed unDead! takes the simple game concepts found in ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos™’ to a whole new level, by adding depth to the gameplay and ZOMBIES!


unFed unDead! is a fast paced arcade style game. You control 4 zombies at each side of the screen. You click and drag backwards towards the edge of the screen at your desired angle of attack and your zombie reaches through the window, grabbing a person that is in his range.


★ Challenging Single Player Mode ★
Race against the clock to try to eat everyone’s brains before the ‘shock timer’ expires and your victims escape. Earn points to earn stars to unlock the next level and to earn perks to help make the game easier.

★ Up To 4 Players at once ★
Bring up to 4 players together to play at once as you all work a zombie at one side of the screen, competing for points.

★ Game Depth ★
This is not just a crazy tap fest. You have to carefully aim your zombies and coordinate attacks. You rack up points and power ups and extra time by attacking accurately and racking up kill streaks. You have to vary your attacks to avoid hitting a ‘Brain Drain’ mode caused when you eat too much too quickly with one zombie.

★ Level Bosses ★
Each level features lots of easy fodder, but it also features a unique level boss. This boss will attack you back and force you into ‘Brain Drain’ Mode. You have to learn how to skillfully attack and overcome this character on each level.

★ Social Scoreboards ★
Compare your level scores with your Facebook friends and see how your scores rank overall.

★ Nice Level Variety ★
We have seven total levels, each with unique characters and environments ranging from disco parties to the girls locker room to a Nazi War room. Yes, we have Nazi Zombies for the true zombie fans.

★ Cool Zombie Art ★
We took the time to get some really cool custom zombie art done by the artists at Appsro.com. Each level features a cool, hand drawn intro scene.

★ Blood Mode ★
For the true zombie fans, there is lots of bloody gore that can be turned on or off with a simple switch. With blood mode on, you’ll enjoy seeing victims heads fly all around the screen.

‘Hungry Hungry Hippos™’ is a registered Trademark of Hasbro Inc. Our use of this trademark is only for a comparison of game concepts. Our game should not be confused with theirs and is in no way endorsed or affliated with Hasbro Inc.

Please try out this game and give it a chance. I assure you this is not just a cheapo, mindless arcade game. We have put a ton of time and thought into trying to make it truly awesome. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please email me at support@ipartymobile.com

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