Round Timer Pro

The single most customizable, advanced and easy to use fitness interval timer for iOS.

Round Timer Pro is the single most customizable, advanced and easy to use fitness interval timer for iOS. Interval training is a proven way to improve your cardio exercises to reach your goals. This is a perfect timer for HIIT, MMA, Tabata, Boxing, Yoga, Crossfit and much more!

With Round Timer Pro, you can create a vast number of routines that can be loaded, modified and saved with a single button press. These routines can be easily set up through the application’s routine setup screens which include a Simple Setup mode to create a simple routine or an advanced Expert Settings mode which will allow you to create a complex workout routine including any number of intervals.

Round Timer Pro comes with several routines preloaded including HIIT routines, a Tabata Routine, and Fight Gone Bad.

Round Timer Pro also gives the user a wide variety of music playback options to work into their routines. Keep a certain playlist cycling at the end of each round to keep your workout moving and to keep yourself motivated!

Please see below for a complete list of features, see the attached screen shots and also download Round Timer Lite to try out the application before you buy it.

√ Display in landscape or portrait.
√ The timer background changes color depending on where you are in your routine.
√ Display the name of the current interval.
√ Count up or down the number of repetitions remaining.
√ Set the timer to count up or down.
√ Display the album artwork for the currently playing song.
√ Skip the current song or go back to the last song easily.
√ Run the background for multitasking..
√ Output to TV.

√ View a list of all your saved routines. Load a routine, edit it, delete it, or create a new routine.
√ Quickly jump between Expert and Simple settings mode.
√ Copy a routine.
√ Turn on or off a speech engine.
√ Turn on or off the ability to automatically prompt you to post your routine to Facebook after you complete it to brag to your lazy friends.
√ Customize the app background image.

Simple Settings:
√ Give each routine a name.
√ Set each routine to run any number of repetitions
√ Set a warm up and cool down length. Set a round, warning and rest length.
√ Choose a particular sound and volume level for the round start, warning period and round end as well as a sound for the routine’s end.
√ Choose sounds from a list of 64 sounds including electronic effects, instruments, nature, footwork, crossfit and boxing sounds.

Advanced Settings:
√ Count repetitions down or up.
√ Create any number of intervals for your work out.
√ Each interval has a set length, a name, a background color, an option to count time up or down, an ending sound, an option to vibrate on end, an option to pause music during the interval and an option to skip the interval on the final repetition of the routine.
√ Each interval can also contain any number of states– for example this would be used to set a warning state within an interval. Each state has a start time, a background color, a start sound, and an option to vibrate on start.
√ Add warm up and cool down.
√ Reorder, edit, delete or copy your intervals or interval states.
√ Hear the app speak the number of rounds left.
√ Hear the app speak the name of your intervals when they start.

Music Playback Settings:
√ Turn on or off music integration.
√ Choose an existing playlist or create a new one on the fly.
√ Make each song start from a random position within a song to skip slow beginnings and jump right into the music.
√ Play the selected playlist in order, or shuffle through it.
√ Change songs at the start of each round, if you want.
√ Pause the music during rest intervals if desired.