Zappy Duck

Zappy Duck is THE ultimate obstacle avoiding, tap to fly, arcade game!

Witness the beautiful creation of artistry and intense action of Flappy Duck!!! FREE for a limited time.


-= Raw Excitement =-
Crazy Obstacles await you at every turn. If you hit one… things get intense!

-= More Controls =-
“Tap To Flap”, “Tilt to Glide” and “Double Tap to Dive” give you ultimate control and maneuverability.

-= Increasing Difficulty =-
Avoid monotonous gameplay with gradually increasing levels of difficulty.

-= Earn Continues =-
Collect Coins while you fly to earn continues so you can reach the ultimate score

-= Maximum Gameplay =-
Minimal Ads and No In-App Purchases provide a raw game experience.

-= Social Scoreboards =-
Compare your scores with scores from all around or with your friends on Facebook.

-= Attention To Detail =-
Beautiful Scenery. Awesome artwork and attention to gameplay detail to provide the ultimate flying experience.

WARNING: Do not get addicted to this game! :-P