Goal Star

Reach for your goals, Reach for the stars.

“Reach for your dreams, reach for the stars” with Gold Star!
Goal Star is a great app to help you plan towards and reach your goals.

The best way to reach your goals in life is to first decide what they are and create a plan to reach them. That is what this app will help you do to improve your life.


Start by thinking through and coming up a list of your goals. If you’d like, break those high level goals into some smaller milestones. Set goal dates for them if you’d like.

For all your goals and milestones, you go through and come up with a set of steps that you can take daily or weekly to work towards those goals. You can even schedule these steps to be at particular times of the week and add reoccurring reminders to your calendar if you’d like.

Now you can view the schedule you created to remember the steps you planned on taking to reach your goals. As you complete these steps, you go into the app and track your progress.

The app will give you weekly, monthly and even yearly reports to track your progress towards your goals. This is based on the number of times per week you had planned to complete steps towards your goals and the number of times you actually logged those steps.

Mark goals and milestones completed as you move along.
As you progress, you will see your goals and dreams becoming reality.

Keep up the good work and remember that the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
“Stay young, stay foolish.”