A Big Day at Apple- iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Here’s what Apple unveiled today, Sept 9 2014:

iPhone 6, iPhone 6+
– new 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones
– glass, NOT saphire :(
– retina HD display- better than retina, 6+ is 1080p
– thinner
– way faster
– better battery
– barometer meter, can measure climbing
– More LTE support
– Voice over LTE, better call quality
– support for faster Wifi
– Wifi Calling
– 1080p video, Slow Motion video capture
– preorder today, ship 19th
– iOS 8 will release 17th (see previous notes for what new in iOS 8)
– iPhone 6 will run $200 – $400, 6+ for $300-500
– Capacity for mid and high models now 64gb and 128gb, up from 32gb and 64gb
– Includes NFC chip

New Payments Service- Apple Pay
– simple payment mechanism using iPhone to replace credit cards
– uses NFC and Passbook
– stored super securely
– Developer API, allows apps to incorporate payment without the need for an account
– Available in October

Apple Watch
– Works with iPhone (required)
– New Interface— not just simple touch screen- uses digital crown on the side of the device
– Saphire, Curved Display
– Pressure sensitive touches
– Also includes NFC
– Haptic feedback when you touch the device and subtle/ quiet vibration feedback
– Pulse Detection and misc health sensors
– several different bands with several face options: apple watch, sport, premium. Super customizable
– 3rd party apps – WatchKit: glaces, custom notifications. Custom apps
– Health and Fitness – Built in fitness tracker
– Starts at $350, available 2015



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