Introducing Qonceptual's new CocoaPod for iOS Json Model Serialization and Deserialization



In our ReSTful API world, we are constantly passing JSON objects to our api and receiving them back. Constantly serializating these objects to and from json string and dictionaries can be cumbersome and can make your model classes and data services start to fill up with boiler plate parsing code.

To solve this, I introduce QJsonable. An amazingly powerful and simple library for serializing and deserializing json objects.

Simple have your model classes extend the QJsonable class and the world shall become your oyster.

QJsonable makes converting objects to dictionaries and arrays of dictionaries a breeze. It includes support for nested model objects, nested array model objects, multiple date serializers, easily storing and loading objects from user defaults and converting your array arrays and dictionaries to json Strings and vice versa.



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