Introducing the SeaseAssist open source CocoaPod

Summary Info

This library is founded on the basis that commonly performed tasks, which take several lines of code to write should be encompased into simple methods, either using class extensions or services, that can be written in a single line of code. Thus reducing code redundancy and increasing code readibility.

In this package you will find the following:

  • A collection of NSDate Helpers
  • Button and View helpers to make good looking views easily and handle things like rounding, borders and more
  • An Array and Dictionary extension to convert to and from JSON
  • AN HTTP Request class to easily send api requests without any non-standard libraries
  • A UIImage View extension to load images from a URL and cache the image locally.
  • A Validation Helper class for NSString
  • String and NSData cryptography Helpers
  • NSThread Helpers to easily run blocks on the main and background threads
  • A Speech Service for speech to text.
  • UIAlertController Helpers
  • Image Helpers for things like blurring and resizing
  • Animation and Motion Effects Helpers
  • A View Controller helper that can recursively determine the visible view controller from anywhere in your application
  • A new helper that shows text on screen for a short time, like an Android “Toast”
  • Network Reachability Helper
  • An Event Counter to track the number of times an event has occurred during the life of an app, or daily.

Enjoy! Please feel free to fork and contribute to this repo!



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