ios 6 compatibility

Users thinking about updating to iOS 6, I encourage you to be patient and wait a week or two before updating or you will run the risk that many of your apps may stop working.

Unfortunately, it appears that iOS6 introduces some surprising and significant compatibility issues that developers [like myself] are scrambling to update your apps to handle.

UPDATE: Apple has done a fantastic job pushing out reviews for apps that were updating for IOS 6 compatibility. If you were worried about updating, you should fear not. As long as the developer is not way behind the times, your apps should be updated now or in the very near future.


Here are the issues I’ve seen so far:

1- make sure you set window.rootViewController in your app delegate.

2- when showing UIAlertViews, you must show them on the main thread.
[[UIAlertView alloc] initWith…]
[alert performSelector:@selector(show) onThread:[NSThread mainThread] withObject:nil waitUntilDone:YES];
[alert release];
— on a minor note, if you use Revmob, they need to update their API for this, so until they do- it will crash your app.

3- This isn’t a compatibility issue, but to support the new iphone 5 screen, you need to ensure that your NIBs use auto-resizing correctly (as is required to support the iPad). Then to turn this on, add a launch image with the name Default-568h@2x.png with the dimensions 1136 x 640. Provide images where needed with the same naming convention.

4- armv7s- If you see this error during your compilation, it is because a library you are using is not compiled to support the new iphone 5 processor. As a temporary work around, you may remove armv7s from the valid architectures in your project settings. Your app should still run fine on all devices, but will not benefit from some performance enhancements.
“does not contain a(n) armv7s slice”

5- I found several other annoying armv6 errors when trying to archive and submit my app through xcode 4.5. I was extremely relieved to realize that I could still submit successfully with Xcode 4.4. Keep your old copy of xcode on your system by simply renaming the file in your applications folder prior to dragging and dropping the new one into your Applications folder. Use this old version to submit your apps.



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