What's new from the Apple Media Event 10/23/12

First I want to say that I watched this media event live on my AppleTV. The experience was amazing! The event was streamed in real time in 1080p. Before the event started, the camera showed off the venue and played some fun tunes in the background. The camera zoomed in on wood carvings around the venue, on people at the event… it was all really cool. During the event, the streaming was awesome. There were a few rare lags, but overall it was close enough to flawless. You will find a previous post where I wrote an email to Tim Cook about my desire for this to happen, so I will have to assume that I am to credit for this :)

– New iPad Mini, 1/2 a light, as thin as a pencil. 10 hrs of battery life. All iPad apps run on it unaltered due to same resolution display. This is huge since most Android Applications are not optimized for a tablet, but rather use a scaling mechanism. The result is that most apps running on iPad Mini will give a better experience than their android counterpart. Priced starting at $329.

– A 4th generation, full size iPad with 4g LTE, 2x faster processor and wifi performance, 720p front camera, new lighting connector. Same Price.

– New 13″ Retina Macbook Pro

– Updates to the iMac. They are now incredibly thin.

– A new “Fusion” Hard drive- gives speed of SSD and capacity of HDD. Hopefully this will be available in MacBooks too. This is really cool!

– Some nice new advancements to the software used to create textbooks for iPads. This along with the new iPad Mini are sure to help move these into schools.

Overall… ahhh-mazing event!



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